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Mercedes C63 AMG Sports Coupe

Krystal Limousines have a great background in hiring limousines for special occasions but they also allow you to take the wheel and hire Supercars for your own personal, or professional use. If you are in need of a car that really hits the spot when it comes to elegance, style and class then the Mercedes C63 AMG Sports Coupe is the car for you. Based on the C-class coupes that came before it, this mimics the style of racecars but offers the same sensible driving options of a coupe road car.


The Mercedes C63 AMG Sports Coupe is not a quite drive. The 6.2 engine and turbos like no other C-class mean that it is a great deal more powerful and louder than the other cars in this range. Thankfully as you will want to stand out from the crowd with this car the noise wont be a problem, especially not when you are inside blasting music from the impressive sound system, which has Bluetooth audio streaming, and taking comfort in the eight way adjustable seats. You dont have to worry about the planet in this either as the engineering has made for a low carbon emission on this model, even with all the power it has.


Krystal Limousines fleet of super cars are all impressive but with this special supercar you will get exceptional build quality which comes with a patented safety system so you and your companion will be able to relax and enjoy the ride.

No matter what you need car hire for it is worth going that extra bit further and looking into luxury car hire. The extra confidence you will gain from arriving at your desired location behind the wheel of the immaculately designed C63 AMG Sports Coupe will unrivalled and you will be in the awe of anyone else there. This will be particularly useful for business users wanting to show just how successful they have been. Of course the C63 is also great for more personal adventures too, if you are hoping to spend quality time with a loved one at your favourite weekend getaway make the drive there even more memorable by hiring a Mercedes C63 AMG Sports Coupe from Krystal Limousines and show them just how special they are. Krystal Limousines may also be able to secure a gift of car hire for your car-enthusiast loved one for that special birthday or anniversary present, get in touch to find out today