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Phantom with Bike Racks

This is first official Rolls Royce Phantom with a bike rack added on to it, not that anyone has anything against the bike racks but it is the first Rolls Royce we have seen with a rack on the back. The Rolls Royce Phantom which was spotted in America was seen with two bicycles on the back and is led to believe that Rolls Royce in fact custom made the car for this individual. A source did catch up with the owner and he said that he needs the bikes on for the family and sees his Rolls Royce as the perfect family car.

A Rolls Royce is not made really made for bikes racks and more for luxury but if you have the money to say that the Phantom is a luxury car then you certainly must have a little bit of money. However what we think would of been good if the Phantom would of have two Harley Davidson’s on the back of the Rolls Royce then maybe people would justify the Phantom with two motorcycles.